ASDAN Employability


Participants, where appropriate, will follow an ASDAN accredited programme of study – ASDAN Employability; at their own pace. Participants will be supported to create a portfolio of evidence to meet criteria for accreditation towards Employment – Sheltered/Supported/Mainstream, or for Voluntary Work, or further training opportunities.


The Employability qualifications, available in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), offer a range of opportunities for learners to develop their personal and employability skills, while gaining a National qualification. The qualifications are approved by Ofqual (England). Sailship TLL currently offers Entry Level 2 & Entry Level 3 for the Award and Entry Level 2 & Entry Level 3 for the Certificate in Employability.
*Levels 1 & 2 for the Award and Certificate are currently suspended*







  • ASDAN LEVEL 1 EMPLOYABLILTY - Currently Unavailable

  • ASDAN LEVEL 2 EMPLOYABILITY - Currently Unavailable



Learners must successfully complete a number of core units and additional units (according to the chosen level)

To achieve an Award, candidates must achieve 6 units. To achieve a Certificate, candidates must achieve 15 units.


Single unit accreditation is also available for those who wish to work towards an Award.

Sample of programme content:

  • Learning through work experience

  • Health and Safety in the workplace

  • Maintaining work standards

  • Tackling problems at work

  • Working with others

  • Participating in an enterprise activity

  • Customer service

Participants following ASDAN Employability may choose one or more Enterprises (listed below) to work within to gather evidence, to meet criteria required for accreditation at their assessed level of study (assessment at induction).


Enterprises consist of:


  • Horticulture

  • Sailship Kitchen Crafts/Catering

Introduction to the programmes:



The Horticultural Enterprise, led by qualified staff and support staffs, supports Trainees to grow produce and plants/flowers from seed to harvest. Harvested produce is utilised further by Sailship Trainees in the Kitchen Craft Enterprise (see below) or sold as part of the Horticulture Retail Enterprise.  


Kitchen Crafts/Catering

 ‘Sailship Preserves’ - a Local Authority (Essex County Council) registered Small Retail Manufacturing business. Inspected by Food Standards Local Authority Inspectorate and rated with a 5 star food hygiene certificate, we work in a bespoke kitchen, run by our Trainees, supported by a qualified Kitchen Craft Leader and experienced Support Staff. We create Jams/jellies/chutneys and pickles via innovation for new recipes, using home grown goods from our Horticulture Enterprise.

We are also researching and developing the manufacture of dog treats. This exciting innovation is new and is being developed by our Trainees, supported by qualified staff.


Photo 10-08-2019, 16 49 44 (7).jpg



Pathway A


  • Not work ready

  • Requires work skills training in most/all disciplines

  • Requires support to achieve tasks

  • Training required and provided through a variety of individual Enterprise options

  • ASDAN Employability Entry level 2 - Programme completed over 49 weeks/year  following a 24-month programme (based on two days/week attendance) months


Pathway B

  • Discussion and evidence of prior learning/experience

  • Assessment during Induction

  •   OR

  • Progression from Pathway A

  • Agree aims and goals

  • Working towards employment

  • Demonstrates some work skills knowledge, understanding and possibly work experience

  • Will benefit from further work skills training with some support

  • Independently follows instructions

  • Further skills training undertaken through a variety of/individual Enterprise option(s)

  • ASDAN Employability Entry level 3 -Programme completed over 49 weeks/year following a 24-month programme (based on 2 days/week attendance)


Pathway C


  • Discussion and evidence of prior work experience

  • Assessment during Induction or progression from Pathway B

  • Agree aims and goals

  • Unemployed- requires ‘up-skills’ training

  • Opportunity to improve sustained employability chances

  • Demonstrates work skills knowledge and understanding

  • Provides evidence of work experience

  • Can carry out tasks independently

  • Works well as a team

  • Requires little support

  • Peer mentor ability to offer or easily learn

  • Willingness to undertake ongoing work skills development

  • Demonstrates understanding of ICT

  • ASDAN Employability level 1/level 2 over 49 weeks/year following a 24-month programme (based on 2 days/ week attendance)




Participants who embark on the vocational pathway may progress as follows:

  • Entry level 2 ASDAN AWARD in Employability
    (6 units). On completion Trainees may progress to the Entry level 2 ASDAN CERTIFICATE (15 units) or alternatively may progress to the next level –Entry level 3 ASDAN AWARD or CERTIFICATE in Employability

  • Entry level 2 ASDAN CERTIFICATE in Employability
    (15 units). On completion Trainees may progress to the next level – Entry Level 3

  • Entry level 3 ASDAN AWARD in Employability
    (6 units). Trainees who successfully complete this programme may progress to the Entry level 3 ASDAN CERTIFICATE in Employability (15 units)

  • Entry level 3 ASDAN CERTIFICATE in Employability
    On successful completion at this level (equivalent to GCSE), Trainees may consider further training or

  • Level 1/Level 2 ASDAN AWARD/CERTIFICATE in Employability
    On successful completion Trainees may consider employment (supported or mainstream depending on circumstances). Where employment options are being considered, Sailship will offer relevant careers guidance from a qualified Careers Guidance Counsellor (qualified to masters’ level and also QCG trained). Trainees may also be referred to partner agencies who can support job seeking opportunities (e.g. Realise Futures, Jobcentreplus)