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Commercial Horticulture

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For people who enjoy gardening to create saleable produce, we offer you Commercial Horticulture. This can be in conjunction with an ASDAN Employability course, or as part of the Social & Therapeutic Horticulture option.

Within this enterprise you can expect to learn about how to sow, plant, cultivate and harvest fruit, vegetables and flowering plants, aswell as design hanging baskets and planters etc for sale to the public.

You will also learn about how to use tools and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) effectively. This Enterprise offers an opportunity to work together as a team and enjoy social aspects of gardening. The group(s) are led by fully qualified subject specialist staff and experienced support staff.

We are currently developing a plant nursery which you will also be able to tend. Plants grown in our nursery will be available to the public for sale.


Ground Maintenance / Landscape

For those who enjoy landscaping and developing gardens and new areas, Landscape/Land Development opportunities to include:

~ Design & creation of new gardens

~ Building new flatbeds/ raised beds etc

~ Working with landscaping materials

eg: stones, wood, compost etc

~ Ground maintenance 
eg: weed control, fence &garden structure maintenance

This opportunity will enable you to work with others as part of a team whilst supported by qualified and experienced tutors and support staff.

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