Conservation & Wildlife Preservation

Since February 2019, Sailship has been busy just like our bees, developing and creating new spaces. We are currently developing our beautiful Conservation and Wildlife areas. So far we have introduced Bees, a Wildlife Pond and Wildflower area. We have many species of birds on our site and so we ensure we support them with careful planting, bird feeders/boxes and involvement with RSPB projects.

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We hope soon to be able to offer outdoor conservation learning and training opportunities using the Woodland, Meadow areas and Wildlife pond on our site, for nature based outdoor learning and wellbeing, that nurtures learner led exploration and discovery. We can also intertwine Social & Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) into these new programmes. We would like to support children and young people from local SEN & mainstream schools and other local organisations, aged between 10 - 19yrs and also adults with learning disabilities of any age for this new project. 

 You will be able to learn about many topics to include:

  •  wildlife conservation

  •  eco friendly landscaping/construction (using eco bricks)

  • Wildlife Pond maintenance

  • Wildflower cultivation and care 

These are just a few opportunities we hope to offer and understanding our environment and how we can help to preserve it will be a large part of this project. 

   ASDAN entry level 2 & 3 Employability Courses using conservation as a subject to achieve the qualification will also be an option for Sailship Trainees.

Sailship Apiary


Wildlife Pond


Our beautiful new Wildlife pond has been completed! Huge thanks to Staff, Volunteers and Trainees who have put an amazing amount of effort into this. 

Wooded Copse

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Go Wild With Sailship!