Sailship Outreach 2020

Following the Government's decision to place the UK on lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Sailship Site was closed from
23rd March - 13th July 2020, resulting in our Trainees not being able to attend their usual days with us. 

So began the 2020 Outreach!

Sailship Staff worked hard to put together Green Care Packs to be delivered to our Trainees at home so they could continue to enjoy the Sailship experience. Each pack contained activities from three of our Enterprises (Horticulture, Kitchen and Craft).

Sailship also received a grant from the 'National Lottery Community Fund - Awards For All' to fund more packs to be delivered to vulnerable members of the public. These also had activities from our Enterprises for them to enjoy.  

Meet Sunny!

'Sunny' has been a big help by giving step by step instructions on the activity sheets. We have made some of these activities available to access on our Facebook page! 

Send us your photos of the things you make and we will show off your fabulous work too!

Trainees work

Sailship created a support group via our Facebook page for Trainees to keep in touch with us and each other during the closure of the site. They were also able to proudly present their hard work!

Members work

Residents at Woodboro Care home enjoyed our Green Care Packs each week and have displayed their work in and around the care home for all to see!

For more information about Woodboro Care home click the link below

Other members kept us updated with their work via our Facebook page. 

As you can see from the comments the deliveries were very well received!

On the 14th July 2020 we were able to re-open the site and start a phased return of our Trainees. We will continue to provide our packs for the members of the public for as long as possible.




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