Sailship Trainee Outreach 2020

Following the Government's decision to place the UK on lockdown due to the Covid -19 outbreak, the Sailship Site has been closed.

Our Trainees are still enjoying some of what we can offer at home with our continued support through outreach.

Each week we are delivering a package to our Trainees filled with activities and projects for them to complete.

Week 1


This week Trainees received their first delivery!

Each box contained all the items needed to plant and grow Sunflowers. 

This activity is one that will progress throughout the weeks so watch this space for updates!

Week 2 15.04.20

Trainees were excited to receive their second delivery this week. The first activity they were given was Lettuce seeds to plant and tend in a planter made from pallets donated from Rose Calendars. After sanding down the planter, Trainees were given ideas on how to decorate, including how to do their very own wood stains! 

Task 2, as pat of the Kitchen activities was a recipe for some delicious Apple Crisps. 

Week 3 22.04.20

This week trainees were given two horticulture activities, Onion Set and Strawberry planting! 

The Trainees were able to decorate the Strawberry stand as they wished too.


This weeks Kitchen activity was to make some Golden Syrup Flapjacks and as you can see they went down a treat!





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